Schatzker Tibial Plateau Fracture |

Revisiting the Schatzker classification of tibial plateau.

Sep 14, 2019 · The Schatzker classification system divides tibial plateau fractures into six types. Schatzker I: lateral tibial plateau fracture, with minimal <4mm depression or displacement. Schatzker II: lateral tibial plateau fracture with fragment depression. Tibial plateau fractures have a broad spectrum of presentations, depending on the mechanism and energy of the trauma. Many classification systems are currently available to describe these injuries. In 1974, Schatzker proposed a classification based on a two-dimensional representation of the fracture.

Mar 01, 2009 · The Schatzker classification system for tibial plateau fractures is widely used by orthopedic surgeons to assess the initial injury, plan management, and predict prognosis. Many investigators have found that surgical plans based on plain radiographic findings were modified after preoperative computed tomography CT or magnetic resonance MR. Schatzker type V tibial plateau fracture. This is a total articular fracture in the configuration of an inverted “Y,” with both plateaus separated from each other and from the distal tibia. The nonarticular intercondylar eminence region remains largely intact. There is less comminution and displacement than in the Schatzker VI category. guished from tibial plateau fractures [24], but certain plateau fracture patterns, namely posterior, posteromedial, and medial plateau shear-type fractures, may represent a transient dislocation event and warrant appropriate workup including neurologic and vascular assessments. These, too, lie outside the scope of the Schatzker system. A Schatzker type III fracture is a pure compression fracture of the lateral tibial plateau in which the articular surface of the tibial plateau is depressed and driven into the lateral tibial metaphysis by axial forces. Type III fractures are divided into two subgroups: those with lateral depression type IIIA.

Resources on Fractures of the tibial plateau - Schatzker classification and related topics in OrthopaedicsOne spaces. Tibial plateau fractures were originally termed a bumper or fender fracture but only 25% of tibial plateau fractures result from impact with automobile bumpers. Pathology The most common mechanism of injury involves axial loading, e.g. fall fro. Standard of Care: Tibial Plateau Fracture Case Type / Diagnosis: ICD-9: 823.00 - fracture of proximal tibia Tibial plateau fractures can occur as a result of high-energy trauma or in low-energy trauma when bone quality is poor. The most common mechanism of injury is motor vehicle accident. Jan 28, 2019 · The upper surface of the tibia shin bone is the tibial plateau. This tibial plateau is highly susceptible to fracture in accidents involving high speed e.g. skiing, horse riding and some water sports. Know what is Fractured Tibial Plateau or Tibial Plateau Fracture, its classifications, causes, symptoms, etiology, and epidemiology.

Schatzker Tibial Plateau Fracture

The tibial plateau most commonly fractures following high-energy trauma, such as a fall from height or a road traffic accident, from the impaction of the femoral condyle onto the tibial plateau. Less commonly they occur in elderly patients following a fall, especially those with osteoporosis. Schatzker classification for tibial plateau fracture: Type I = Lateral Tibial plateau fracture without depression. In this type of a fracture, a wedge-shaped pure cleavage fracture and involves a vertical break of the lateral tibial plateau, usually the result of a low energy injury in young sports athletes. Apr 19, 2016 · Dr. Ebraheim’s educational animated video describes fractures of the tibial plateau - Schatzker classification. Lateral tibial plateau – convex in shape and proximal to the medial plateau. Schatzker Classification of Tibial Plateau Fractures. Imaging. Lipohemarthrosis presence of fat and blood from bone marrow in the joint space after an intraarticular fracture seen on X-ray in a person with a subtle tibial plateau fracture.

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